At SIFA, we know better than anyone what that means.

SIFA is part of The SimplyBiz Group, which provides support to over 3,600 advisory businesses. From core regulatory guidance and documentation to wider proposition support and development, as the largest supporter of financial advisers in the UK, our commitment and service is unrivalled. SIFA is an integral part of The SimplyBiz Group and is the specialist team that supports DFM firms, those working closely with other professionals and others requiring a more bespoke level of support.

What does a partnership with SIFA mean?

When selecting a compliance partner, you should consider the provider’s pedigree, expertise, capacity and ability to respond to your individual business requirements.

SIFA was established in 1992 and has been at the forefront of support service provision for independent, directly authorised financial advisers ever since.

Whether you’re currently operating as an appointed representative in a network model, or your business is directly authorised and looking for a new type of support, we can provide the expertise and guidance your business needs.

No one is more experienced when it comes to dealing with the FCA.

The experts in your corner

Being a client of SIFA will mean you are eligible to access the wide-ranging services available from The SimplyBiz Group, and, as we understand that not every business is the same, we will work with you to tailor a service to suit your specific needs.

We will provide access to a compliance team that offers assistance to you on a daily basis, helping you with any enquiries you have about how to run your business compliantly and efficiently.

Our field team can support you with a variety of services. These include focussed audits, thematic days to support you in any particular area of development and reviews to ensure that your current systems, controls and processes are fit for purpose and demonstrating the correct customer outcomes.

If the FCA visits your firm, your compliance consultant can also be present on the day to provide guidance or attend beforehand, if required, to provide preparatory support.

The services are tailored to mitigate the risk to your business and work alongside your current regime.

SIFA draws upon the resource from within The SimplyBiz Group which employs over 60 dedicated compliance professionals as part of its 400+ dedicated team. This includes an expert policy team, 25 field-based compliance consultants, 8 pension specialists, and over 20 compliance helpdesk staff. These professionals solely focus on interpreting regulation, and providing guidance and support to the firms we serve.

Regulatory services at a glance

  • Application service for those wanting to become directly authorised - The SimplyBiz Group helps more firms go directly authorised each year than anyone else
  • Compliance helpdesk
  • Financial promotions approvals
  • Field visits and thematic audits
  • Wider regulatory support such as audits, file reviews, fit and proper checks and more
  • Support with GABRIEL returns
  • Training and Competence Reviews
  • Operational reviews (system and controls)
  • Risk management
  • Assistance with ICAP report
  • Senior Managers Regime support programme

Beyond regulation

For those firms looking for additional support, we have a breadth of service to meet your needs, including:

  • Relationship visits
  • Investment committee, suitability reports, modelling and risk profilers
  • Support creating and implementing a Centralised Investment Process
  • Access to referral partners, such as our Pension Transfer Bureau
  • Marketing support
  • Learning and development events
  • Industry updates, expert opinion and insight
  • Market reviews
  • Streamlined operating systems and discounted best-of-market software
  • Cash management solutions
  • Workplace academy and support with corporate clients
  • Dedicated support with professional connections
  • Business insurance
  • Pension and tax helpdesks
  • Estate planning service
  • Later life referral service
  • Enhanced protection offering


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