Member Get Member Scheme

Member Get Member Scheme

Sifa are now fully staffed and keen to expand the community of advisory firms it serves in 2017 and beyond, both for Support Services and for SIFA Professional. Since 2011, being part of the SimplyBiz group has allowed us to secure our member firms the very best support, whilst still retaining our identity and our USP.

Whilst we continue to invest in recruitment activity, we have not lost sight of the fact that a considerable number of new joiners approach us following recommendations from existing members. With this in mind, we have created a brand new ‘Member Get Member’ scheme, which is our way of saying “thank you” for introducing a new firm to SIFA’s services. For every successful* introduction you make, we will give you up to £400***.

In order to make your referral, please visit the SIFA website and go to the How to Join tab. You will then see the ‘Member Get Member’ page in the dropdown menu. Click on here and this will show you details and the referral form. It is essential that you complete this form so that we can accurately track where each referral has come from.

If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave Seager, our Development Director on 07717 130929

*The firm you introduce must become a full fee paying Member of SIFA for 12 months**. Member Get Member referrals will only be accepted before the joining firm has submitted their engagement form. Please note that in order to receive the payment, it is necessary that your firm is also a full Member of SIFA Support Services or SIFA Professional and have paid at least three months’ membership fees. If you are - or are required to be - registered for VAT, you will need to account for VAT on this payment based on the current VAT fraction (currently 1/6th).

*** We will pay £400 for introductions to SIFA Support Services or combined SIFA and SIFA Professional, where ‘Premium’ membership is selected. We will pay £300 for introductions where SIFA Support Services or combined SIFA and SIFA Professional is selected. WE will pay £200 for introductions where the membership introduction is for SIFA Professional only. As an alternative you can opt to claim a free complimentary delegate place at the SIFA Conference after your successful nomination.

**Full fees begin once FCA authorisation is complete (if applicable)

Please feel free to use any of our marketing materials to support your referral.


In order to make your referral, please Click Here