How to Join

To apply to be considered for membership, select the category of membership, complete the application form, ping it back to us and our Development Director will contact you to finalise the arrangements and provide a signature copy of the application for our records. In the case of applicants for membership of SIFA Professional, we will conduct due diligence to ensure applicants' suitability for inclusion in the Law Society endorsed SIFA Directory. SIFA reserves the right to decline applications without giving any reason. For details of the benefits attaching to each category of membership, click on SIFA Support Services and SIFA Professional on the toolbar 

Membership Application

Membership category

Up-lift for additional advisers

Confirmation of eligibility

The firm applying for membership has confirmed that it provides only independent financial advice and in the case of SIFA Professional member firms that the information provided as to qualifications and accreditations for inclusion in the SIFA Directory are currently valid.


Data protection

By providing contact data to SIFA the applicant firm consents to being contacted by SIFA and to SIFA holding and retaining such data for a reasonable period of time and using such data for the administration of its services, conducting research and analysis and for legal and regulatory purposes sharing such data with other members of the SimplyBiz Group and its business partners.



SIFA will use its best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of information and advice provided to firms subscribing to its compliance and other services and cannot be held responsible for the consequences of firms relying on such information and advice except in the case of gross negligence. Firms must decide for themselves whether to rely on such information and advice. In any event, any liability will be limited to a sum equivalent to the amount paid in membership fees over the previous 12 months.



SIFA will keep confidential and will not disclose to any person outside the SimplyBiz Group except insofar as may be required by Anti-Money Laundering regulations for the time being in force any information obtained in the course of providing its contracted services which relates to clients of firms subscribing to its services membership.


Notice period

SIFA membership is for successive periods of 12 months and is terminable by one month’s notice expiring on any anniversary of the commencement of membership.


Becoming Directly Authorised for the first time

If you are not already directly regulated we will guide you step by step throughout the FCA's authorisation process, ensuring your application is of the highest standard and we'll act as a liaison between you and the FCA to ensure your application is processed as efficiently as possible.